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Take Money at ATM

Banking &

The Payment space is transforming at breakneck speed. Payments are integral to banking and financial services institutions—and your customers. The opportunity payments and payment technology present have never been greater. Whether it’s buy now, pay later, digital wallets, or a real-time payment network, putting a strategy in place now means you won’t get caught off guard in the future.

How can Cratas help?

Cratas engineers digital payments, payment modernization, process and fraud, and risk and compliance through infrastructure transformation. We help you to capitalize on new business opportunities, invest wisely and grow incremental revenue. All while driving sustainable cost reduction and increasing customer satisfaction. Secure digital payment solutions for future-proof customer satisfaction with Cratas Applications, 3D Secure ACS 1.0 & 2.0, which uses a high-security algorithm & encryption methodology for data transmission. 

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